Mediterranean Building Finishes Ltd

In recent years the company has been awarded contracts to finish some of the most prestigious projects to date. Most notably are the Fortina Hotel extension tower, Midi Tigne Point, Malta Maritime Trade Centre, The Palace Hotel, The Lufthansa Teknik hangers in luqa, Pender Gardens, St Julians and Fort Cambridge, Sliema.

Leaders in Exterior Plastering

MBF also offers a perfectly straight wall finish. With the use of specially designed pumps, and aluminium rules the plasterers are able to get straight walls. This system could be used both internally and externally. The finish given by the manual system is usually very crude. With these machines, lines are perfectly dubbed out to get a straight finish. This is not to mention that projects can be plastered in half the time using these machines.

The Island’s Best External Finishes

Look no further than some of the most iconic buildings on the islands to see the level of dedication MBF Malta puts into finishing buildings with durable, world-class exterior finishes. MBF has grown to become one of the leaders in finishes, in particular plastering of internals and externals. Before our competitors were even out of school, MBF was already offering products such as gypsum plaster and graffiato.

Energy Efficient External Finishes

You can have all apertures with double glazing and roofs with reflective membrane but the fact remains that most heat (or cool air in the summer) is still getting out through our walls. MBF now offers a service that will totally terminally insulate your house. With use of compressed polystyrene, installed on all external walls, a house can be totally encapsulated. This keeps heat loses to a bare minimum, giving the same effects of a thermal bottle.