Experts in Floor Screeds

Elevate your flooring with our expert floor screeds, the foundation of a solid and polished surface. Our specialized floor screeding services are designed to create a smooth and level substrate that’s essential for the flawless installation of various flooring types. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary, industrial look or a warm and welcoming atmosphere, our skilled team ensures that your floor screeds are meticulously applied for the perfect finish. With an emphasis on precision and durability, we take your flooring to the next level, providing the ideal canvas for your interior design aspirations.

Mediterranean Building Finishes Ltd

Today MBF is managed by one of its original owners Mr. Kevin Camilleri and his son Keith. In recent years the company has been awarded contracts to finish some of the most prestigious projects to date. MBF has heavily invested in a specific machine that will totally replace the laying of the traditional chippings before laying of tiles. This method allows material to be poured over a floor, and let to dry to obtain a uniform and smooth surface. Tiles or surfaces can be layed onto these surfaces without any hassles.