Mediterranean Building Finishes Ltd

Established in September 1991, Mediterranean Building Finishes ltd. (MBF) could easily be described as one of the more experienced companies in the wonderful world of building finishes. From its humble days, where a few workers were a few workers too many MBF has grown to become one of the leaders in finishes, in particular plastering of internals and externals. Before our competitors were even out of school, MBF were already offering products such as gypsum plaster and graffiato.

Being one of the fathers that introduced ‘modern plastering’ to Malta, till today they still use the conventional gypsum plasters for internals and silicate base finishes for externals. After so many years of usage on probably 95% of buildings built in the last 2 decades, these renders definitely do not need any descriptions.

MBF also offers a perfectly straight wall finish. With the use of specially designed pumps, and aluminium rules the plasterers are able to get straight walls. This system could be used both internally and externally. The finish given by the manual system is usually very crude. With these machines, lines are perfectly dubbed out to get a straight finish. This is not to mention that projects can be plastered in half the time using these machines.

Spray-painting is another trade that the company is equipped for. Giving the same finish as the older roller system, but with the advantage that paint can be applied much quicker. Especially for large areas, the machine can apply thick coats of paint at great speeds.

MBF has heavily invested in a specific machine that will totally replace the laying of the traditional chippings before laying of tiles. This method allows material to be poured over a floor, and let to dry to obtain a uniform and smooth surface. Tiles or surfaces can be layed onto these surfaces without any hassles.

Apart from the above mentioned trades, MBF offers a multitude of other trades for smaller jobs. All in all they are able to finish off a villa, medium block of apartments and showrooms with all trades included. In an ever changing environment, MBF have also decided to equip themselves with gangs of false ceiling and partition installers, electricians and plumbers as well as wall and floor tile and marble layers.

Most importantly every employee especially in top management and distribution are flexible in their roles. Pulling the same strings means that more often than not their customers are satisfied with the quality of work and the quality of overall service that is provided. This is most effective when clients require their projects to be finished in a very tight and stipulated time period.

The Mid Nineties

The mid nineties saw some interesting projects, with the hotel boom, especially in the St Julian’s area. MBF were awarded contracts at the San George Hotel, Excelsior Hotel, Mistra Village and most notably the Westin Dragonara Resort. This is not mentioning other new projects such as the Birgu Sports Complex. Although at points the company had a number of big projects being carried out at that the same time, loyalty to their smaller clientele was always an important factor. This is a policy that was always the core of MBF and will always be a policy of the company.


MBF Today

Today MBF is managed by one of its original owners Mr. Kevin Camilleri and his son Keith. In recent years the company has been awarded contracts to finish some of the most prestigious projects to date. Most notably are the Fortina Hotel extension tower, Midi Tigne Point, Malta Maritime Trade Centre, The Palace Hotel, The Lufthansa Teknik hangers in luqa, Pender Gardens, St Julians and Fort Cambridge, Sliema.


Environmentally Concsious

The directors of MBF try, as much as possible, to keep up with the latest trends and products available mainly in main land Europe and round the Mediterranean coastline. There is no doubt that this new century has brought with it great awareness that the existence of man, has created a lot of damage to our world. In our sector there are companies and scientists abroad that are constantly trying to find new and improved methods of trying to save on energy and efficiency in residences and hotels. Most energy is lost through our walls. You can have all apertures with double glazing and roofs with reflective membrane but the fact remains that most heat (or cool air in the summer) is still getting out through our walls. MBF now offers a service that will totally terminally insulate your house. With use of compressed polystyrene, installed on all external walls, a house can be totally encapsulated. This keeps heat loses to a bare minimum, giving the same effects of a thermal bottle. Due to the fact that this is energy efficient system does not mean that it has to be a visual hazard. The top layer is usually plastered with a coloured silicate finish, so no one would realise that it is a thermally insulated house.

Mediterranean Scaffolding Ltd

Over the years, MBF has required the use of scaffolding so as to be able to plaster facades. Their vast stocks of scaffolding meant that, there was eventually enough available to rent out. This was when Mediterranean Scaffolding Ltd (MSL) was formed. MSL is fully equipped with all the European Union health and safety standards that today’s regulations require, to erect a scaffolding properly. MSL also provides mega advertising options for clients that have scaffolding erected for a long time period of time. Should the client wish to cover his facade with an advert, rather than the usual green netting this is available. It is agreeably less visually pollutant to have an advert rather the repulsive green netting that other scaffolding companies are using. An advantage for the client is that they will be making money by someone else making use of that advertising space, and in the long run saving on the rental of the scaffolding. MSL have most notably used this advertising system in the St Julian’s and Sliema area, and could probably brag about some of the biggest advertising boards ever seen.